Good Days and Good Vibes 

      Yesterday was a good day. Yeah I’ll admit it. It was actually a GOOD day. I can say that even though I had some pain, but it was definitely more manageable yesterday. I forced myself to go to the beach even though it was sprinkling (later pouring down rain 😂). I was able to walk over 30 minutes and look for shells at high tide. The beach usually makes my day better. I always feel calmer at the beach. I love watching surfers and paddle boarders. Sometimes, I see dolphins in the waves playing and flipping around in the crashing waves. Overall, it’s such an uplifting experience for me to make it to the beach. 

      Anyway, after that I figured I would go to the store and find some summer tops and was actually successful! I got gas and picked up a redbox movie. When I got home, I ordered my background check and drug screen for my last year of nursing school. I googled current nursing jobs and specifically looked for home health jobs and jobs slightly less physically strenuous than the common 12 hour hospital job. I reminded myself that even if I’m still fighting this pain after graduation, I should be able to find a job that I am physically capable of doing! Then, I watched Netflix and scrolled social media and did my calf stretches throughout the evening. Chris finally came home and we had some couple time. It was just a good day. 

     Lately, my days have been very very dark. I find myself feeling extremely isolated and alone. I feel like life isn’t liveable and I can’t possibly enjoy it, BUT, and that’s a big but, yesterday was good. Yesterday gives me hope that I’ll have more yesterdays and if I can have more yesterdays, then I can fight through the bad days. ❤️


Author: emylovesbalance

I am a senior nursing student who struggles with mental health and who developed a chronic injury after taking up running.

One thought on “Good Days and Good Vibes ”

  1. Yes in deed you will…………..just know you have the power to make yourself happy or sad…..don’t give the power to someone else or something else…..What did Forrest say…” Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know whatca gonna get”

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