Pets and Fireworks: My Worst Nightmare 

    As y’all know, I’ve been struggling with a chronic leg injury and this has greatly affected my mental state. I have high anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. The one thing I can rely on is my stupid cat named fisher. He always hangs out with me on the couch throughout the day when I have to rest. He is my family and might as well be a service animal. 

    As we all know, yesterday was the Fourth of July. We had family and friends over and made a bunch of food, went on a bike ride, hung out in the pool, and set off some fireworks. It was actually a good day, which is pretty rare for me these days. Anyway, Fisher is like a 98% indoor cat! He will come out back sometimes when we are out and can keep an eye on him, but he never leaves the yard. Anyway, we last saw him at 4:30 pm chilling on our washer in the back porch laundry area. After that, he disappeared. We called for him for hours and biked around the area. It got dark and the fireworks really started up! At this point, I was freaking out. This cat is like my child and I was so scared of the drunks out on the road or the garages open! 

    Everyone left after the fireworks and it was around 11pm when I gave up and went to bed. I had a long cry and panic attack and just knew he was gone. I was so sad, mad, frustrated, etc…. we put the litter box outside just in case he was out trying to find his way back. I woke up around 1am thinking I might have heard something outside. This was enough motive to get up and search. I’m sure I looked real suspect with my phone light flashing around the yard and people’s driveways yelling for fisher. I couldn’t find him. I gave up and walked toward the front door and out of nowhere, the little butt was staring at me by the litter box and front door. 

    So naturally, I picked him up and took a picture to show chris upstairs and prove to myself I wasn’t crazy. He ended up crawling to our bed around 2am and I’ve spent the morning flea combing him and giving him a flea pill. 😕 

    If you’re still reading this, then you know how much of an impact animals have on us, especially when we are struggling. Animals are our family. They give us a reason to keep trying. Fisher is my child! Not to mention, I recently had to give away my other cat for health reasons and not being able to care for her! I’m so thankful to have him back! Oh, and our Fourth of July was pretty good considering the circumstances. 


Author: emylovesbalance

I am a senior nursing student who struggles with mental health and who developed a chronic injury after taking up running.

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