Finding “the spot”

       Whoever reads this may not know, I got engaged to my soulmate in November 2016. We were in the Tennessee smoky mountains heading to a waterfall when I pulled a ring out of my mitten. We planned on getting married shortly after I graduate from nursing school. We were looking at areas in south-ish Florida because my fiancé loves it down there. We took a trip down last weekend to look around and happened to stop at this specific area to snorkel! It was beautiful! The beach has a bunch of limestone rocks and when the tide is high, the water hits the rocks! Chris asked me about getting married here! I figured why not? It’s gorgeous! 

    There was this little gift shop next to a life guard look out and I got curious. There were a few buildings in this little area and turns out, its a museum! I looked them up online and they have weddings and receptions all the time! They have a big brick patio overlooking the ocean on one side and the lagoon on the other side. They have public restrooms and “the quarters” building to get ready in or help with set up the day of! They supply tents, tables, chairs, etc! It’s so absolutely perfect! You can’t really beat the price either! I really couldn’t believe we stumbled upon it and Chris actually suggested doing it here!

     I’m so excited and nervous! I’ve been still battling my injury, anxiety, and depression, but this gives me so much hope. I have so much hope for a future with the man I love and for now, that’s enough for me. ❤️